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Luxury dining chairs accompany the table, and there are many choices here too. Select from designs that have a dramatic, high backrest or those with a more simple appeal, with a low backrest that curves into the seat. Some dining chairs are highly detailed, with a carved wooden frame, or a padded and quilted leather upholstery, whilst others are more pared back - a slim metal or wooden frame that holds a minimal yet comfortable seat.


Select chairs to match the dining table, or for a more personal or eclectic look choose your own suite of dining chairs. Choose chairs with or without armrests, or even a combination of both - with armchairs at either end of the table, and dining chairs along each side.

Soft furnishings and fabrics will bring a softness to the room, as a dining room naturally has a slightly utilitarian feel with its clean lines and sense of symmetry. Add fabric to the dining room through upholstered chairs, drapery at the windows or even a beautiful rug underneath the dining table. These textiles can be mirrored in the accessories and small decorative elements that are added to the room as finishing touches.

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