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Holistic interior design, sometimes called wellbeing design, is an approach to interior design that is chiefly concerned with supporting wellness of the mind, body and spirit of the people that inhabit the space. Holistic medicine considers and treats the whole person, rather than the symptoms alone.  Holistic design considers and creates for the whole person (mind, body, spirit), rather than space’s form and function alone.


A traditional approach to interior design considers how visually appealing a room is and how usable it is. Going a little bit deeper, a designer will even consider how a room “feels” to the inhabitants. Holistic interior design takes it a step further. This type of design ensures the room or area actually promotes the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people who live and work within. Holistic designers will use their knowledge of color psychology,


Biophilia, environmental psychology, human biology and ergonomics, among other areas of study, to design environments that look pretty, function well, and actually make you healthier.   It’s no longer weird and woo woo to talk about our spiritual health or to take time to care for our minds and bodies. Just consider the popularity of yoga, or all of the studies marking the importance of rest and meditation.


By simply acknowledging that our environments affect far beyond what we can see or even feel, it is entirely possible to leverage this knowledge, holistically, for our wellbeing. You can have a home that supports your health. You can have a company in which the environment allows its employees to flourish. You can build a business that draws people to it because they feel stimulated and rejuvenated.

Holistic Interior Design

We like to identify ourselves as “holistic interior designers” using practices such as biophilic design, sustainable design, Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi and conscious design. We practice a combination of several of these disciplines. 


At Bespoke Interior Co, we apply principles taken from many of these practices into each design. Through our knowledge of lighting design, color psychology, and aromatherapy, to name a few, we create environments that are optimized for your overall wellbeing. Our primary aim at the end of the day is to design environments that inspire, nurture, and serve the human beings that occupy the space.


Colour consulting, finishes selections

Plans, design & architectural drawings, 2D elevations, structural specifications & 3D renders

Space planning, including furniture layout

Design kitchens and bathrooms, including colours, materials and finishes

Design & source custom window coverings, soft furnishings & bespoke furniture

Sourcing small & large scale furnishing packages

Recommend quality suppliers, manufacturers and tradespeople

Collaborate with builders, architects and tradespeople

Project Management





Conceptual phase

The initial consultation where we meet with you to outline the brief, scope of works and budget. We establish how you like to live, your aesthetic and who will be using the spaces.



Design & Research Phase

During this phase you can expect to see an initial design scheme for the project. Typically presented are initial spatial planning approaches, materials, furniture and lighting concepts. From the feedback from this meeting we begin to design and specify in more detail and a design scheme is produced with detailed drawings of all spaces, I.E. kitchens, bathrooms, all joinery, furniture, soft furnishings and lighting, schedules and estimates.



Implementation Phase

Once the project specifications and quotes have been approved and signed off, we produce the documentation for tender. We assist you in making your decision when selecting a builder. We liaise with architects, landscape architects, builders, and other trades throughout the construction phase. We have regular site meetings to monitor the progress of the build.

We consolidate all furniture and soft furnishing selections and ensure the orders are placed with suppliers. We coordinate and manage all FF&E orders.


Installation Phase

When the building works have been completed it is time to install the furniture and soft furnishings, and see the project come to life. We manage and coordinate the delivery, quality control, and installation of all the procured items, including artwork and objects for styling.

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